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What is Space Clearings?

If the energy in your home or business feels heavy, chaotic, or even threatening, a good cleansing will help to brighten it up. Negative stagnant energy can literally make you sick, especially when exposed to it on a daily basis. Like dust, energetically, thoughts, actions and emotions are held in your home, business, or space imprinted on the walls, floors, and furniture. Arguments, upsets, illness, traumas and other unsettling energies (or unwanted entities) can linger and disturb the harmonious balance of your home. Have you ever noticed yourself feeling upset, uncomfortable or out of sorts when stepping into the same room? On the contrary, have you ever noticed feeling extremely happy when you enter another space or room and love the way that room makes you feel? We all have, but why?

When the Chi energy in our home or workplace isn't flowing properly, and has become stagnant, it can cause problems such as depression, arguments, poor health, lack of motivation, tension, frustration, and even financial loss. It is as important to cleanse the energy in your home or office as it is to cleanse the energy in your own personal energy field.

Ancient secrets for cleansing and balancing the energy in your home are used. These sacred traditions are gaining remarkable momentum right now for a very plain reason -- they work! Simple yet effective ceremonies are performed to transform the energy of your space! These techniques purify the energy in your home and office. Space Clearing is extremely effective in creating harmony that will help you not only improve the way you feel, but improve your life as well.

We have also cleared home, businesses and all kinds of different spaces where the owners were not happy with the existing energy. Clearings have been successfully performed for the purpose of selling homes with incredible results. Increasing the productivity of workers and increasing sales in businesses. Clearing a space is very important. It can remove stagnant, negative energy and replace it with light and love. After the clearing we receive extraordinary feedback from the owners as to how the energy has changed. You do Spring Cleaning why not try a Spring Clearing?

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Space Clearing


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A very calming and thorough clearing of your space that will leave you feeling energized, lighter, and free.

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