Quantum Touch Workshop Testimonials

"I am the owner of two Massage Envy clinics in South Florida. Upon learning about Quantum Touch, I knew I wanted to share this invaluable method with my employees. I contacted the Quantum Touch headquarters to find out who the most experienced teachers of this technique in my area and was referred to Paula and Rick. It was evident from my first conversation with Paula and Rick that they are exceptionally warm, loving, and highly accommodating people, and that they are entirely devoted to teaching the Quantum Touch method.

I took the workshop with my employees and can say without hesitation that it impacted my life in truly amazing ways. Paula and Rick are exceptional teachers who are highly educated in holistic healing and energy work, and they both have deep spiritual connections. My employees and I were doing energy healing on each other the first day, after just a couple of hours. I was so excited to see the enthusiasm and positive energy emanating from the group which continued to grow exponentially during the hours and days we shared together. By the last day there were more love, energy, and positive vibrations flowing between all of us than I had ever experienced in my life. Not only was this workshop life changing for all of us, it has made a huge impact on the relationships between us and the overall energy of our workplace.

If you are on the fence about taking this course, do not hesitate. You will absolutely love it. Tapping into universal energy is not odd, woo-woo, or sacrilegious. It is pure science. Paula and Rick demonstrate the science behind Quantum Touch several times in the course of the workshop. Once you experience the phenomenon with your own eyes it is impossible not to believe in it. Invest in this workshop. You will be amazed to discover the power you hold over your life, and will leave the workshop knowing exactly how to tap into it.

Paula and Rick are a gift to this world. I am so grateful to have met them and to have had this truly amazing experience. Paula and Rick, I cannot thank you enough. You have forever touched my life and my heart."

"Hi Paula, it’s Vanessa with Massage Envy Coral Springs. Just wanted to say that the course has generated more positivity amongst the entire spa family. I’m so happy now that I’m manifesting my vision of bringing wellness into people's lives with spirituality being my ground. Thank you for all. May blessings be all around you and Rick."
- Vanessa | Coral Springs, FL

"The workshop was truly beyond my expectations. I've rarely felt such amazing energy, so intense it was palpable. Your [Paula and Rick] words of wisdom were enlightening and inspiring, and your energy strong, energizing, trans-formative, and healing. You are a light in a world of people who have forgotten who they really are and what they are made of. Its easy to lose one self in every day life, but your workshop helps bring focus to the true reality, EVERYTHING IS ENERGY. I am truly blessed to have met you and am looking forward to returning for my second Quantum Touch Level 1 workshop with you. I can't wait to see how far Quantum Touch will take us. Deepest Gratitude and Love."
- A. Perez | Miami, FL

"Dear Paula & Rick: I am so happy and grateful to have attended your workshop. It was absolutely wonderful! The whole weekend was so incredible for me. I feel as if I lived a month inside of those 2 days. The energy was like nothing I have ever experienced before. I began the workshop with a lot of self-doubt, but I finished it with renewed confidence in myself. My deepest thanks to you both for the best experience I have ever had in my life. I can't wait to take the next workshop! I finally know what I am supposed to be doing. I was also very impressed with the Live Blood Analysis. That assessment gave me some important insight as to how I can take better care of myself. Thanks to your Quantum Touch, I have hope now of actually healing my body as well as avoiding another major health issue. I will be talking about your Quantum Touch Workshop from now on! You have inspired me to reach out and go forth myself in this wonderful healing art. As I said during the workshop, 'I am taking this to Ohio!!!' Love & Light to you both!"
- M. Yates | South Point, OH

"Thank you so much for the wonderful weekend of Quantum Touch! It was, by far, the best seminar for continuing education that I've ever taken. I will certainly be in touch with you soon to schedule my second Quantum Touch weekend (on the path to becoming a QT Practitioner) and also to discuss Reiki certification. I also wanted to let you know exactly how right you were when you said that adding QT to my massage techniques would be incredibly beneficial. Yesterday, I added the QT skills I learned over the weekend to my massage routine. After the massage, the client immediately purchased a series of 10 massages!!! Thank you both so much!!! All my best."

- L. Milk | Ft Lauderdale, FL

"Richard Gordan's book, Quantum Touch, The Power To Heal, inspired me to register for the Level 1 workshop. I had anticipated the workshop would help me perfect the breathing techniques and other details needed to practice Quantum Touch effectively; it did all that and much more. The class is small so you get individual attention from the instructors. Rick and Paula infuse the course with their passion for the work and provide more information than the book covers. They expand on the information to help you understand that by embracing Quantum Touch and the field of energy healing you are stepping across the threshold to a new perspective - and indeed, a new way of being.
I write this a week after having completed the workshop and I find that the headaches I used to have each morning upon waking are gone; I handle the pressures at work much better and the pain in my feet is gone. I also feel confident that I can actually make a real difference helping troubled and sick animals - my goal. Since the workshop, I feel positive and actually joyful all the time and not just a part of the time. Suddenly I'm presented with opportunities to do the work which tells me that taking the course was a needed step on my path. Rick and Paula are excellent teachers and gracious hosts. I recommend this course most sincerely."
- M. Sanders | Melbourne, FL

"Paula and Rick, I just completed an amazing weekend with Rick and Paula. They are truly inspirational, knowledgeable and loving. Learning about Quantum Touch was uplifting and exciting. There was so much information in all areas of healing that can be incorporated for your personal use and to help others. The time spent with them was magical. I recommend this experience to anyone interested in awakening the gifts we all possess."

- S. Lichten | Miami, FL

"Dear Paula and Rick, It is difficult to put into words how grateful I am to have had the opportunity to attend your Quantum Touch Level One workshop and meet both of you!! You are both such talented healers and teachers! Your knowledge of multiple healing modalities beyond Quantum Touch, as well as your skill at sharing this information was invaluable to me! Your Quantum Touch workshop provided that 'something more' factor that I was seeking. Yes, you taught the  core curriculum from Quantum Touch but you also chose to openly share and demonstrate several other types of  tried-and-true energy healing modalities. You shared techniques that you use in your own healing work! You taught this course from your heart and you gave so much guidance on how to expand my own health, knowledge base and energy healing skills. I am deeply grateful for the personal guidance you gave me on how to improve my healing 'vessel', as well as the channeled messages that I received from both of you and my 'new' friend Sandy.  This was a life changing workshop on so many levels! Thank you so very much!!
With great joy, appreciation and deep gratitude, I would highly recommend this Quantum Touch Workshop to anyone who is seeking a deeper understanding of Quantum Touch healing and a greater understanding of how energy can heal! With tremendous love and light!"

- S. Fitzpatrick | Tecumseh, Canada

"Dear Rick & Paula,  I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the gift of your loving knowledge and the generous spirit with which you share so willingly and graciously. Although I had taken the Quantum Touch video weekend workshop in Rhode Island, there is so much to be said for having experienced your wonderful energy and hands on techniques. I consider you both a 'gem' of great spiritual value I discovered while here in WPB [West Palm Beach] and look forward to contacting you again... and again.   
It is said that: The Healer manifests as a passion to serve others in the form of repairing the body, mind, and spirit. Rick and Paula are healers in every sense of the word. May the Divine bless you both and the work you continue to do for the healing of all humanity. God Bless and much Love."

- J. Maggiacomo | Rhode Island

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Quantum Touch Healing Testimonials

"It truly touched me, brought tears to my eyes. I've been very emotional all week, still releasing. It was an honor to  have that experience and learn from you both. With Gratitude."

- C. Felperin | Delray Beach, FL

"I enjoyed QT very much. I never had any formal training and I have both of the books so now I can study them and use it. You are both good teachers, maybe we will meet again. 
- V. Christiano | Palm Springs, FL 

"Hello Beautiful People Paula & Rick~ Thank You Both Again!!! for such an extraordinary blessed two days in a field of love, knowledge of and in enlightenment of limitless possibilities to help and be of service for humanities highest greatness of living a life of Truth. Wow, Wow, Wow, you both are Rocking this planet!!!!! Love, Peace, Light in all surroundings. :-) Namaste."

- D. Harden | West Palm Beach, FL

"Four years ago I tried to attend your weekend of QT but could never fit it in my schedule. Who knows the reason but I can tell you the Nov. 22-23 weekend surely could not have been surpassed by any other. There were two major highlights for me. The first was the healing emotional release of Marcela during a 20 minute energy session that Rick presided over. The second was during the past, present, future group session. To see the effect it had on Linda was eye opening.

So thanks to you both for opening yourselves to a neophyte while making us all welcome. Good Luck ALways!"

- D. Ferreri - Delray Beach, FL

"Hi Paula and Rick, Thank you guys for another incredible weekend of knowledge and retreat. You guys are amazing! It was even better than the 1st time I took it. I learned so much and I am just beginning. You guys are very gifted and genuine. You guys shine from inside out. You guys are filled with joy and enlightenment. Thank you for shining and helping others be a light bearer. With warmest regards."

- R. Boga | Delray Beach, FL

"Dear Rick and Paula, What a wonderful experience this weekend was!.... I don't know where to start from.... yesterday I came home with a totally different energy in my system, but with all that happened I guess I was not able to calm down my mind to put everything in perspective. This morning though was different. I felt myself again, I felt empowered as I haven't felt in many, many years, and all the pieces started to fall in the right places. Now I understand that my freedom and my identity as a soul is not in the hands of anybody else but myself and that I have the power to regain control of myself.
As I told you, the pieces are falling into place little by little.... My mother taught me to live a powerful spiritual life, it was our private, little, beautiful and special treat, just for the two of us.... because nobody else understood what we were talking about hahaha. When she passed away 12 years ago I felt left alone in a world that didn't have anything in common with me.  Me with the terrestrial boring issues, I guess that was the moment when I started to dry out..... Until I found you!!!! and of course the 3 most special individuals I could not have asked for to start this journey.

I'm committed to becoming a practitioner of quantum touch and beyond..... and I have no way to thank you guys enough for this.  You opened the door of my cage and it feels sooooo good! Please keep me informed of new workshops for I will love to participate in as many as I can, and of course the ones I need for my certification. I'm going to start right away with my 90 hrs of documented healing..... and guess who is my first guinea pig??? my husband buahahahahaha. (witch laugh). Just joking hahaha...
I send you my eternal love and thank you again for this wonderful and "unique" experience. Your forever friend."

- M. Paez | Boca Raton, FL

"Thank you, Paula and Rick!! Once again, I want to thank you, not just for sharing your experience and knowledge with me, but also opening your heart. It was an amazing weekend!!!! It'll be days before I 'digest' all you gave me and I received. :-) I'm already looking forward to the next weekend with you. You have so much to offer! Namasté."

- T. Rodriguez-Cento | Orlando, FL

Distant Healing Testimonials

"Hi Rick, I felt a lot of tingling sensations, heat all around my body and pressure on my throat and shoulders during the healing. The heat made me sweat! After it was over I felt exhausted but happy. I felt like my body was starting to do something...  I was feeling like I was going to get sick. I know my body was cleansing and releasing toxins. I followed your advice and that feeling quickly passed. It was a great feeling on Sunday and Monday. I am grateful that I connected with you, I feel so much better. I am in awe... you are right!!! Everything happens for a reason!!! I feel incredible!!! Distant healing really does work. Thank you. - Love and Light."

- G. Vaska | Ontario, Canada  

"I am a client from New York and have had tremendous success during my visits to Florida. I sometimes take special trips just to meet with Rick and experience the energy healing. I just can't get it any where else. Not like him, he is so powerful. My horse had a leg sprain and was in a lot of pain. She was really having a hard time walking. I decided to give distant healing a try. I was skeptical, but it works so well for me I decided to try it for my horse. Needless to say, she improved tremendously with each healing Rick gave her. This difference was remarkable. She was able to walk with marked improvement after the first session and by the third session, she was able to run again. I am a firm believer in distant healing. She received remarkable results. - Thanks Rick."

- S. Jamestone | Albany, NY

Home, Business, and Space Clearing Testimonials

"Rick and Paula cleared my old house and bedroom and several months later, I moved out of a place I had been stuck in for 10 years and bought my first house. Big movement in my life after a period of stagnation. Trusting this process and letting go allows for major change when working with them."

- K. McKamy | West Palm Beach, FL

"In the past I would make it 1/2 way up the stairs to my 2nd floor. An ominous feeling would come over me every time. I wouldn't venture up the stairs without the light on. It now feels like I am walking up a staircase that leads to a tranquil place, a safe place. It honestly feels (I can't describe the feeling adequately) when I walk up stairs-no light necessary!! The colors of my walls are calmer, the woodwork more beautiful, the floors shinier, the air lighter, I sense now that I own not only this home but this space. I am after 1 1/2 years, happy in my home. Thank you, Rick & Paula"

- L. Mueller | Wellington, FL

"Rick & Paula, I didn't know that the energy after you move out of a place can still affect certain parts of my physical body, emotions, spirit, etc. (As soon as you cleared those 3 rooms in one of the places where I used to live) I am feeling lighter and more freed up... like a weight has been lifted, and a veil of heavier energy has been removed. Thank you! You are very gifted. With Love."

- M. Gafferty | Lake Worth, FL

"Rick, I wanted you to know that now my son is sleeping happily in his own bed. He is no longer bothered by what he was seeing and experiencing in his room. He is so happy, and I am so grateful that my happy home has been returned to its crazy fun state that I always imagined, but even better! It is like I don’t even have the memory of what it was like before. Emotional freedom indeed!!"

- A. Rand | Weston, FL

"Rick & Paula, I am amazed! The painting of the woman you cleared which always bothered me now looks benign. She is smiling instead of looking evil! The vases with flowers on them are prettier, the flowers crisper and cleaner. The wood furniture is a prettier brown, whereas it had looked darker, more like black. The library bust of the English general seems not as stern, younger than it was.... The other pictures are looking more 3 dimensional. The rooms all feel calmer, happier, lighter. Truly, it's amazing. It is unbelievable! Thank you so much!"

- H. Best | Palm Beach Gardens, FL

"Rick was somewhat of a construction worker at my home.... thorough clearing of my house. Honestly, it feels as if every wall was moved outward, enlarging each room. I have for the past year and a half had many things occur in my life that one could easily identify as negative. The experience of working with him was very interesting, very calming and at the same time very energizing. Amazing!"

- T. Walters | Wellington, FL