Quantum Touch Workshops

Learn Quantum Touch: Heal Yourself and Others at the Cellular Level

"Energy medicine is the future of all medicine. We're beginning now to understand things that we know in our hearts are true but we could never measure. As we get better at understanding how little we know about the body we begin to realize that the next big frontier in medicine is energy medicine. It's not the mechanistic part of the joints moving. It's not the chemistry of our body. It's understanding for the first time how energy influences how we feel."

- Dr. OZ, Mehmet

We Offer Level 1 Quantum Touch Workshops for everyone and are certified to offer continued education hours:

14 CEU'S - Continuing Education Hours for Massage Therapists through NCBTMB

13 CEU'S - Continuing Education Hours for Hypnotherapists through IMDHA

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Please feel free to visit our testimonials page and see reviews from clients and students alike. It is truly a humbling experience to receive letters from people all over the world who are overjoyed with the results they received.

Weekend Workshops

Saturday & Sunday
9:30 AM - 5:30 PM

We Teach Nationwide

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Video Interview with Founder Richard Gordon Demonstrates & Explains the Power of Quantum Touch. A basic human skill that transforms lives.

What You Can Expect to Learn at the Quantum Touch Workshop

Here is some information as to what to expect during your workshop with us. You have two trained professionals making sure that you are using the techniques correctly and giving expertise as to where, when, how to use the various techniques, and in what situation to use each technique. You will learn how to fine tune your skills and we will be able to tell you where your area of expertise lies in energy healing by working with you and observing your energy as you work. 

You will be doing healing work on others and visa-versa and, in doing so, we will observe and give feedback to you so that you can maximize results with your healing sessions. We both work on each student throughout the weekend. Your body systems will be unblocked, energized, and balanced. Once your system has been balanced, your meridians will be flowing smoothly again and you should feel better, clearer, motivated, and empowered. You will experience healing on an emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical level. 

"Attend this course with an open heart and prepare to be amazed! I taught Quantum-Touch to nurses, technicians and clerical staff where I work. Everyone enjoyed the class and expressed their surprise at how easy it is to learn.” - Eileen M. Wright, M.D., Asheville, NC

Before lunch break on the first day of a Quantum Touch workshop, students learn that they can give magnificent sessions to one another. Ordinary people develop a real sense of confidence that they can truly help others, while experienced practitioners find that their skills significantly deepen. The bottom line is that our natural and innate potential to help others is simply extraordinary. This may be the easiest and most valuable skill you'll ever learn. Quantum Touch will powerfully enhance the effectiveness of all other hands-on therapies that you may use.

Learning Quantum Touch

Once you've learned to use Quantum Touch, it will be yours for a lifetime. It’s wonderful to know that you have something of enormous value you can do for other people. You can use it for self-healing or at a distance on loved ones who may be far away. Health care professionals find that Quantum Touch enhances or even transforms their practice, yet this is an ideal and simple skill for the total novice.

Quantum Touch links breathing and body awareness techniques to help people raise the vibration in their own body and hands. These are natural exercises that everyone can easily do. The ability to assist in healing is an innate gift that we already posses.

Like a tuning fork that was struck causing another tuning fork to vibrate, the person receiving the session matches the vibration of the person giving the session. The body’s own intelligence decides how the healing will take place. As long as the practitioner continues using the breathing and body awareness exercises, he or she does not need to worry about becoming drained. The person giving a session is not using their personal energy. In fact, the giver gets great benefit just being involved in the process. 

“In its elegance, Quantum-Touch provides healing bioenergy for the healer as well as for the person seeking healing.” - Dr. Jerry Pittman, M.D.

Pain Reduction

First time students of Quantum Touch, when working on each other, will typically be relieved of 50% to 100% of each other's pain by the end of class. Not only do bones automatically align with a light touch, but also inflammation gets reduced and healing becomes accelerated. About a third of the class experiences some sort of emotional release, and occasionally the release is dramatic and profound.

In one workshop, I asked my students to rate their pain from 1 to 10 before they gave each other sessions. In the first 20-minute sessions that they gave each other, the results were astonishing. 

A few examples include:

  • Ron's toothache went from a pain level of 3 to 0.
  • Veronica's digestive disturbance went from a 10 to 2.
  • Dawn's aching ileum that had been bothering her for 17 years went from an 8 to a 2.
  • Anthony reported that he had more flexibility in his wrist and that the crunching that had been bothering him for 8 months since the break was gone.
  • Vides said that her painful elbow that had hurt for 2 months went from an 8 to a 0.
  • Laura's lower back pain went from a 6 to a 2
  • Teresa's neck pain for the last 18 years went from an 8 to a 1
  • Roberta's nagging shoulder pain went from a 5 to a 0
  • Grant, who is 50, said that his back which had plagued him since he was a child, felt completely different with about 35% more flexibility.

The workshops provide a strong bolt of inspiration. Students often get excited enough to change their lives or to bring something new into the world. Students experience how amazingly powerful Quantum Touch is, how universally and profoundly it helps the people in the room, how wonderful the results are when you give sessions, and how surprisingly much the Quantum Touch sessions help them. Quantum Touch instructors provide answers to all of your questions and individual hands-on attention. All the above creates a marvelous, contagious joy and enthusiasm at the workshops.

A Note from Us About Quantum Touch

Over the years I have been exposed to many energy modalities, but I was really surprised when I first came across Quantum Touch because of its simplicity and its effectiveness. As soon as I started practicing Quantum Touch I realized it was going to transform my life and my practice. By using the simple techniques offered by this modality, I was able to drastically improve and sometimes resolve my clients’ health issues. The best part about Quantum Touch is that it can be integrated beautifully with whatever modality you are currently using to enhance its benefits. I was so impressed with it that I decided to become a Level I instructor. 

I offer weekend workshops and I am assisted by my wife, Paula (a Quantum Touch practitioner and medium) so that you can receive the benefits of a male and female perspective; the Ying and Yang. The weekend workshop takes place in beautiful West Palm Beach, FL where you will be immersed in a peaceful and serene atmosphere conducive to a weekend filled with healing and new insights. Our students often are able to free themselves of their own emotional/mental shackles and have breakthrough insights that change their lives. 

Please feel free to visit our testimonials page and see the reviews from clients and students alike! The course is very interactive and fun. It allows each person to receive individualized hands on training in a caring, loving, and intellectual environment. In addition to the full Quantum Touch Level I certification, we also offer a complimentary Iridology exam so you can understand your genetic imprint, and an aura measurement to see if it is strong and compact or dispersed and prone to weakness. We offer delicious and healthy refreshments throughout the weekend and a sumptuous healthy salad for lunch and kindly ask for a love offering for this special personal service. 

We offer private sessions in all of the above mentioned modalities and are willing to travel anywhere if you are able to put together a group of 6+ students, we will offer the group leader their certification for free. Contact us for more details.

What You Will Learn:

  • A series of breathing and body awareness exercises to help you focus and amplify life-force energy. This is the core technique that is used in Quantum-Touch. It is so easy and natural to learn, we've had little children and great grandparents pick it up easily. I’m sure that you will too. 
  • How to bring down pain and inflammation in record time. All by itself, this is an invaluable skill. It seems that there are always people in pain and it is a blessing to have something you can do to really help. 
  • You can absolutely observe bones automatically adjusting themselves with a light touch. Actually, the body moves them into correct alignment. You don’t have to figure it out any more than you need to understand how you digest your breakfast. This may well be the easiest as well as the most effective way to reduce or eliminate back pain.  
  • How to help reduce or eliminate back pain and get faster and better results than you have ever thought possible We have dozens of chiropractors that are now using Quantum-Touch because it is so effective.
  • How to use an extraordinary distant healing method to get truly outstanding results. When those you love are not near and you want to help, don’t feel helpless because there is something significant you can do. Distant healing with Quantum-Touch is tremendously effective.
  • How to amplify the power of your sessions by work with Chakras, Toning and Vortexing the life-force energy. This truly ups the power of your sessions tremendously. How to use the Amplified Resonance Technique to turbo charge your own sessions so they have a power similar to a group sessions. This is the most powerful technique presented in the book, video or basic workshop. This allows individuals to run energy as if they were a whole group of people.
  • How to work with pets and other animals. It’s a great joy to use this work with animals as they usually respond amazingly well.

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